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*Camilla's wEbSiTe!*
my homies : )

this is dedicated to all my friends. oh bi the way, if ur nt on the list im sorry i just forgot u! :S LOL :) 

Jazmin: i miss u so much (already!) hope u come to switz soon. nd dnt forget all the friggn inside jokes we had together! and no, the earth is not round. lol haha. i miss u sooo much love u best friends xxx

Marion: omg what would i do without u (especially in french) ?!! the only 3 words i can describe you wiith is best friends forever. i luv u so much...talk to u on the phone! lol luv u xx bff

Bobo: ur "prethisly" (lol remember) a great friend. haha u beat the shit of of me :) luv u loads xxx  ps still look gd in pink..?

Victoria: omg what can i say about u.... ur a great friend, u've always been there for me and i feel spoiled! lol im so glad to have u as my bff! love ya xxx

Claire.S: u tram freak! hehe well we all r...and i actually missed the bus! lol anywayz u have been an awesome friend to me, dont forget all our inside jokes :). my lil baby xxx

Luis: so glad to be with u in maths ;-) nd i cn tell u anythning! thanks for being my friend. luv u

Sasha: ur the best conchita in the world i miss u so much nd dnt forget "our favorite place". haha lol hope u come back to basel (not for the racoon though!!). love u so so so so so much. bff xoxo

Claire.L: ur such an  superly awesomly gr8 (dnt ask...) friend!!! i luv u so much bff xxx ps: plz DNT embarass urself again haha remember ur belt?!!? that was hilarious!

Peter:ur just weird! nerd! lol in humanities haha anyway thanx for being there the whole way through (u know wt im talking about) love u xoxo

Emmie: i dnt know u that well but u seem like a realy really nice person! hope 2 gt 2 know u better. love xx

Will: omg will i miss u so much i so badly wish u come back to switz!!! luv u so much xxx nd oh bi the way we're gna partaaaaay when u come on feb! : ) haha

Gorgina: a few glasses or wine wont so any harm....until u get drunk, gorgie!! lol that soooo doesnt sound like u! hehe anyway uve been a great friend to me nd ive had so much fun with u. love u loads bff xx

Leo: wow ur still alive after all those french classes with the racoon!!! :) lol luv u loads xx

Vanessa: omg i miss u so so so so so much! i know portugal is awesome (+ur getting all tan and hot!) but dnt forget switz! u'll vist me right? (bi the way the electric shock is still around with her stuff...) nd i really hope ur bunnies turn STRAIGHT. lol hehe heyy its just te truth! luv u LOADS xxx BFF

Hugh: yeah we had so much fun at school on thursday nd friday....not. lol bt it wasnt that bad! sik! :P

Sonya:  sorry about ur (porn) book....ill give it to u tomoz :) lol. luv u loads hope to get to know u better xxx

yves: hm...do i know u? lol anyway be a gr8 bf to laura cuz she deserves it! 

Teske: hola como estas? haha trying to learn spanish? lol love u loads u r an awesome friend xo bff

Lawrence: omg i see ur boxers! lol remember with claire.... xxx

Laura.S: uve been such a great friend to me thanks for listening to all my crap lol. luv u loads xxx ps: u still owe me a burger! :)

Nathalie: u cutie! lol ive had so much fun with u love u xx

Chris: u freak! lol just kidding. have fu playing....that thing lol remember. luv u xxx

Hayden: omg i miss u so much! hope u come back to switz to visit. german is boring without u nd ive only missed my bus stop ONCE (isnt that awesome? lol) luv u loads xxx

Katie: ur a great person always makng me laugh and stuff. love u loads xoxo bff

Laura.H: i dont know u rely well bt u seem like a rely rely rely nice person. hope to gt to know u better. luv u xx

Chalotte: tu me manque beaucoup j'espere que tm la belgique (et les mecs la bas;-) lol) ne te soule pas tro je tadore tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tro tu me manque. LOVE U! :) xxx

Kate: ur a great person!!!! uv u so much thanks for being such a great friend. xxx

Irene: if i have to tell someone about stuff...ill come to u! lol love u so much bff xx ps: u have to go out wth him ur like perfect match im not kidding

Farah: i didnt get to know u till the end of grade 7 bt i found out that u were a great person! i miss u so much! thanx for the advice the other day ; ) luv u so much xxx

Mauro: hm ur a really good friend (*cough*) lol just kidding still mad at u cuz of the party thing...lol

Sophia: huh....i dont really know u. waffles! waffles waffles waffles :)  lol ask irene...lol luv u loads.

Daniela: *go shortie, its ur bday we're gna party like its ur bday,,,u cn find me in da club, bottle full of bub* lol daniela thats our song!! lol luv u loads bff xxx ps: ur a great friend...NOT jk

Andrew: aw my lil brother! :) lol luv u loads xxx

David: oh god, u... lol u pervie glad u live the other side of the world. lol jk love u so much see u in summer mayb xoxo

Alejandro: me faltas much espero que venguas aqua una vez te quiero mucho mwah. xoxo

Tatiana: je tadore tu me manque beaucoup... bisoux   xxx

pauline: je t'adore tre tro tro tro belle et jentille. pleins de bisoux xxx